Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Discount Orchestra Remixed

9.11 Coming in on one this week on Junodownloads UK Broken Beat…s-week/tracks/ The dub version of the remix is a bonus when buying the whole EP on Batov Bandcamp…andcamp-only Many Discount thanks to Solo Moderna, DJ Inko, Rumpsteppers, and Gypsy Hill, for their fantastic tweakery on this EP Dragging The Discount Orchestra music kicking and squealing into the digital age.. Each producer took the remix to a different direction: Gypsy Hill - "DUB IT UP"!!! Solo Moderna - There is only one guy that can do what he does! DJ Inko - comes with a great dancfloor remix that you wouldn't want to end. Rumpsteppers - Well... Those guys are just KILLING IT!! what a banger! \


Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Afro Colombia Remix, Go Easter Orchestra, Apokalipsa

Kumina remix
Solo Moderna upcoming remix vinyl alert!!! This was worth the wait and I am very proud and exited to be on the "Afro Colombian Remixes Series" with remixes and edits from Dj Sabo (U.S.), Rafael Aragón (FR), Motin (DE), Ghetto Kumbé (CO), and Solo Moderna (NL) ! It's a coop between Columbian Mathias Galletas Galletas Callientes Records and Palenque Records celebrating their 20th aniversary with remixes taking from Palenque Records library, most of the music is considered to be the precursors of “Champeta”! Bopol Mansiamina & Justo Valdez de Son Palenque - Kumina (Solo Moderna Remix)
Generation Bass Sexxy Saturday Cumbia Roundup
"All 5 of them have really managed to keep the essence and magic of the original tunes, and bring these traditional champeta & currulao rhythms straight to the dancefloor"" (Kaygee)
On blogged by Noisey
""20 years Palenque Records has made an exercise in archeology has unearthed the tastiest ...""
Caje Surkarije remix
A remix i did for the first Balkan Brass Band in Brazil. Go East Orkestar. residating in Rio The Janeiro and 2nd place at International Brass Band compitition 2012 Guča Festival, in Serbia! Big thanks for realising Daniel, music director and Maria Almeida !!
Apokalipsa remix
KALI FAT DUB (RMX SIDE) including remixes by: Mexican Stepper, Celt Islam, DubSahara, Fokus, Solo Moderna, Greg Even, King Shango Sound, Sheco, Haris Pilton, Marc Grabber, Freeverse, Musne Kunra & Tjamil ....

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Solo Moderna Gritty Bznzz Album teaser!

Solo Moderna Gritty Bznzz one and a half minute Album teaser! If you are an interested label, be quick! And I´m looking for bloggers, radioshows, asome djs, producers if you wanna be on on the promolist and the first to have one! Happy listening, Cheers Solo

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Electroswing Tunes Copenhagen, Wammie, Pusha, FK5

One hour mix of the finest Electro Swing party tunes specially selected for the official Copenhagen Electro Swing Community! Dedicated to bringing Vintage Beats and Electro-Swing music and culture to the beautiful city of Copenhagen and dedicated to all types of Swing music!
And there's ofcourse a remix I did on French Ghetto Folklabel label VlAD Records of the track Pusha by BXSoudsistema Ko Kostov and DJ Chernobyl with an uptempo Brazilian banger. And check out, last but not least, the Black Masala Remixed album won WAMMIE for Best Electronica Album 2015, how cool is that! This Mesecina remix also ended up in Washington DC's Fort Knox Five presents: "Funk The World" 28. Amazing mix with Major Lazer, Balkan Beatbox, Ed Solo, Wordstylers and Thomas Blondet. Last one did a remix on my Sonido Pouble EP of the track Solta Futura witch still spins!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Solo Moderna - Don't Step on Me Ting!

By the likes of Speakeasy Productions(CA), Balkan Hotsteppers(BE), Marc Stylus(UK), Justswing Dj(ES) and Swan Swing House(SW), a specially made pièce, initially made for live pupose but now available for all happy bounsters, glitch hoppers and electroswingers lovers out there! Grab the freebie now it's still there.. and always remember: Ya could swing but Don't Step On Me Ting!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Black Masala Mesecina Remix

Since releasing their self-titled debut album earlier this year, Black Masala has been busy performing, touring and recording new music. The group won two Washington Area Music Association WAMMIE awards for Best World Music Recording and overall Best New Artist of the year. Black Masala has quickly made a name for themselves with their eclectic and funky brass-heavy sound, performing at shows up and down the East Coast. Three tracks from Black Masala's self-titled debut album received remix treatment by some of the world's most exciting and in demand remix artists. First up is Dutch producer Solo Moderna's funky Balkumbia remix of "Mesecina", a high-energy stepper to get the dance floor going. DJ Clairvo, from Budapest, takes the deep southern Soul of "Knockin" and drops the bottom out, adding funky beats and dj scratches. NYC based K Sabroso also reworked "Knockin", pushing and pulling the track through a range of effects, creating a bass heavy moombahsoul monster! Popular tune "Bhangra V" received five different remixes, the first by Los Chicos Altos from Barcelona, Spain. Los Chicos Altos maximize the heavy horns of Bhangra V with a swinging beat and deep bass line to maximum effect. Sydney, Australia's Omegaman has added his signature chopped up breakbeats and other effects to create a party rocking and DJ friendly jam. Originally from Bulgaria and now based in Cologne, Germany is Kosta Kostov, who has warped and twisted "Bhangra V" into a heavy, dance floor Balkan smash; be careful with this one! Miami's Kinky Electric Noise originally hails from Colombia and that comes through in his remix, with an upbeat tempo, heavy bass boom and some killer percussion. Closing out this release is the deep, tribal house remix of "Bhangra V" by German producer Samuel Tegaro, a refreshing and surprising take on this great tune. Black Masala is known for their music gumbo, a live and enchanting mixture of funk, Balkan, soul, brass, Gypsy, Appalachia and more thrown together. These remixes capture the essence of Black Masala, taking the band's music into new and different directions like house, breakbeat, moombah-soul, Balkumbia and more. Music knows no borders and Distributed By Symphonic Distribution -

Monday, 26 May 2014

Cumbia Kingston digital and on vinyl!

A very new Solo Moderna track, called Cumbia Kingston, has been compiled on French Columbian Galletas Calientes Records. The compilation under the name of Demencia Tropical (Alien Sounds From The Tropics). Feeling very at ease with other allienized producers, coming from all wind directions, there is Kosta Kostov, Rafael Aragon, Cero39, Dj Click and Los Piranas to name some. Expect some unexpected and delightful fusions of tropical genres! Coming on cd, download and a special selection on vinyl!!! Cumbia Kingston has been blogged on Generation Bass and charging up at Juno Downlaods UK, also the place to buy the piece. The Kacksters EP did pretty well as it was blogged on the first and oldest electroswing on Spanish Cassetteblog: and on Lord Sassafras Jordi Auguri Blog. At the last momment there was an extra remix coming in by Danish/Dutch producers Mashti and Polyesta. A very fresh and electrofied version of Hoop E Kack, quite a surprise. And if all are ok even in a short time theres another remix coming from the UK!! This month I finished up a remix for Forth Knox Five Records in Washington US. All very excited about it!! Soon more information about that. A special note about a very nice gig with dj Siroj last week as a Gipsyfestival preparty and coming up on 7 juni I'm back playing in Bergen op Zoom where the jazz still is being reanimated with Jazz on Route I'm residating Cafe Les Vedettes!

Buy Cumbia Kingston @ Juno Download UK here